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As a result of some watercolor sessions with two friends, I am becoming interested in water and how to paint it with some degree of realism. After a couple of attempts with watercolor, I know I have a way to … Continue reading

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This landscape was done in watercolor class a few weeks ago. Our instructor had talked about how colors in the distance are softer, lighter, and more muted, then demonstrated doing a landscape with a series of washes: sky, distant mountains, … Continue reading

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landscape with rocks

The other day in drawing class I just started playing around with my colored pencils. No plan in mind, just started cross-hatching on the page. Of course, usually when I have no plan in mind, I end up with a … Continue reading

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Portraiture is not really my thing, most likely due largely to inexperience, non-practice, and undeveloped drawing skills, but recently we played around with faces in my watercolor class, working from photographs. This little blue watercolor is the result of a … Continue reading

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a row of pine trees

After some initial exploration with watercolor pencils, I began to play around a little, loosen up, think about the landscapes I used to paint in my watercolor class in college — a whole different lifetime ago — before I immersed … Continue reading

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branching out

One day, on a whim, I bought some watercolor pencils and a pad of watercolor paper. I had been teaching elementary school for twenty years and during that time had not paid much attention to making art on any kind … Continue reading

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