As a result of some watercolor sessions with two friends, I am becoming interested in water and how to paint it with some degree of realism. After a couple of attempts with watercolor, I know I have a way to go. This painting is inspired by the photograph taken by one of these friends at Bodega Bay. There was a boat in the photograph which I conveniently left out. The three of us painted the same scene with me leading the way (as if I knew what I was doing). The rocks actually were added because the texture of the paint suggested them; they weren’t in the photograph itself. Instead, there were some grasses on little peninsulas. Overall, I like this, but the water needs something. I do like that I left all that white on the water; it looks like sunlight.

I’ve also started a colored pencil drawing inspired by a photograph I know I took myself somewhere along the California coast, somewhere between Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay.

With colored pencils I tend to work very lightly, laying layer upon layer upon layer, always working on the whole composition at once, so I can see where I’m going with it. This one is only partly done, but is starting to come together. I think the perspective is good. The water will be darker, the beach in front of the rocks a little darker, and some of the rocks need more shadowing, but I think it’s going to be a keeper.


About Renee Goularte

I have returned recently to art-making after twenty years of teaching in elementary school. An art in itself....
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2 Responses to water

  1. kachina6046 says:

    Yay for trying something new! This looks really nice.

  2. Thanks kachina. It’s all process….

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