This landscape was done in watercolor class a few weeks ago. Our instructor had talked about how colors in the distance are softer, lighter, and more muted, then demonstrated doing a landscape with a series of washes: sky, distant mountains, foothills, and foreground. Then she turned us loose. This is my version.

I started with the blue wash, using my current favorite “mix” for sky: a combination of cerulean blue and winsor blue. The mountains are dioxazine violet, the green hills are a mix of terra verte, permanent sap, and olive green, and the foreground is largely yellow ochre, a color I had forgotten about for some time and am again starting to use more often. These layered washes went on one right after the other, without waiting for any drying but also not blatantly mixing them.

Once they were mostly dry, I did those little overlay washes, then put in the details. I love the way this reminds me of hilly farmland, how there is the hint of gentle gullies, and the way the shadows are clear but muted. And I love the way the brownish yellow splotches in the foreground suggest grass without being all detailed and fussy. Right now, this is my favorite watercolor to just look at.


About Renee Goularte

I have returned recently to art-making after twenty years of teaching in elementary school. An art in itself....
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