negative painting

I usually have more than one painting in process at any one time; currently, I’m playing around with some combinations of techniques…. wet on wet, dry on dry, poured paint, blowing through a straw, and negative painting. I have to say that I have definitely not perfected the negative painting technique… not by a long shot. Somehow I am either too timid with the color, or I don’t have enough drawing to be able to get the paint in the right place to define the shapes correctly, or else I overwork the spaces and then they get muddy or just plain icky looking. This painting of peonies was begun by slopping some yellow, red, and blue paint over a simple drawing, then blowing some of the paint off the edges. I also sprinkled some salt on the leaf areas, for texture. That was the easy part. The hard part, just started, is using negative painting to define the flower petals and the leaves. So far… so good…..


About Renee Goularte

I have returned recently to art-making after twenty years of teaching in elementary school. An art in itself....
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