pouring a landscape

Sometimes I manage to create a piece of art work that I just love to look at, and this is one of them. I am very pleased with the texture in the trees, the the coolness of the blue bleeding into the rocks on the edge of the pond, and the occasional spots of undissolved pigment.

There is something very freeing about just pouring paint onto paper and letting the subject matter create itself, without a preconceived vision or idea. One day I took several quarter sheets of watercolor paper and just brushed, dripped, and poured some paint onto the wet paper with no real plan in mind other than to use just a few colors and to go very bright. I do this every so often, just to get out of a mental tight space. Once the paint is on the paper, I tend to just set these aside in my “in process” pile and then look at them occasionally. When I don’t have a specific project in mind, I get one or two out, tape them to the wall, and just look at them, trying to let my eyes do all the thinking.

I kept coming back to this one. I loved the bright colors, and it definitely spoke “landscape” to me (they usually do) but it took a few months before something finally clicked. One day, I just started to draw, following some of the contours and shapes that had been created by flowing paint. I started with the trees and some of the long lines to establish the main layout, then started drawing in the rocks and finishing up with the little grassy parts.

I have a general tendency not to stop soon enough when I am working, but with this one it seemed that when I was done, I was done. Unlike many other of my supposedly finished paintings and drawings, I have not gone back on this one to add another rock, or more grass, or make this tree a little taller. I am happy with it just the way it is.


About Renee Goularte

I have returned recently to art-making after twenty years of teaching in elementary school. An art in itself....
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2 Responses to pouring a landscape

  1. Nancy Barth says:

    That is neat!! I thought you did the sketch first, when I saw the painting on Facebook.

  2. William Covington says:

    Superb technique, you have inspired me!

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